Our Key Staff have been in the snacking industry for more than 60 Years, working in the UK and around the world.

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With a combined 74 years in the snack industry you know you’re in safe hands.

ian newton

I started in Food Production in 1971, 51 years ago this coming April straight from School.

I’m a qualified Baking Technologist and have focussed on Baked snacks, fried snacks, biscuits, wafers and Chocolate throughout my career, with escapes to run Ice cream manufacturing, confectionery manufacturing and also running general baking factories for breads and cakes from time to time. I have worked my way through all the jobs in UK Blue chip companies finally becoming Factory General manager for a major player in the UK biscuits and wafers market.

I have worked extensively setting up new snack factories from scratch around the world designing and opening not only the facilities but also their new products. Snacks, biscuits and wafers are not a job to me, they are my hobby as well

richard metcalf-penny

My experience in the snacks business goes way back 25 years to when I started my own snack vending business (The Bean Machine Company) which eventually covered sites throughout the whole of mainland UK from northern Scotland down to London and then down to the south coast of England and also across Wales with around 500 vending machines.

That business morphed into a wholesale bar snacks company around 15 years ago when I started The HotNut Company supplying my own hot nut warming machines and selling a whole range of bar snacks to the licensed trade, including bars of all types inTheatres, Bowling Alleys, Hotels, Clubs, Golf Clubs, and in fact bars of all types. The Next Phase:
Building the Great Snacks business starting with our new "Munchkings" Brand of Pretzel Crush.....

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